My Story

I believe in feel-good, healthy and environmentally sustainable foods. I grew up in my father’s Italian restaurant and was running both the front and back of the house by the age of 23. I have always been extremely passionate about food – the sources, preparation and presentation – but not so concerned with my own health. This all changed when I was 27 and diagnosed with endometriosis, a common yet under diagnosed uterine disease.


Endometriosis is the result of inflammation and scar tissue attached to the inner and outer uterine walls, ovaries and fallopian tubes, and possibly other vital organs near the uterus. It causes severe and chronic pain along with the very real possibility of infertility. The diagnosis changed my life; it forced me to reconsider my relationship with my own health and wellbeing, and my views on food.


The first step I took was changing what I eat, starting with a basic anti-inflammatory diet. Over the past four years, I’ve explored various culinary approaches to health and different meanings of what it means to be healthy.


This path led me to sell my restaurant and pursue a new, more health-oriented career, ultimately deciding to become a holistic natural chef. I have the industry background, the health knowledge and the personal experience of healing myself to now help others do the same. I am passionate about real, whole, feel good foods that are healthy and environmentally sustainable. I believe that food itself can be medicinal and understand the importance of bio-individuality, meaning no one diet fits everyone. Nevertheless, as inflammation has been named as a universal perpetrator in countless disorders and diseases I chose to specialize in anti-inflammatory cooking. Food well chosen and prepared can benefit a multitude of ailments and illnesses.